A bit of a pause…

So, last time I posted was in October, 2016. It is now (in what seems like a blink of an eye!) March, 2017. What happened?!? Well, a lot of wonderful things that I intend to continue to share. I will post the remainder of my three month trip to Europe over the next several days to continue to recount all that I experienced and discovered along the way.

But, really, what happened? It is a good question. I guess I still need to learn the lesson that I discussed in my blog on routine (Day 28). While walking the Camino, I fell into an easy rhythm. Wake up, walk for several hours, arrive and settle into my new hotel room. And then I had the remainder of the day and evening to fill, typically in remote Spanish towns with not much to do. Going to the computer and posting was a great routine. I was also motivated to keep friends and family updated so they knew I was still alive and well!

And then Paris happened. Full of beauty and enchantment for me. Time flew by as I enjoyed every minute there. And the routine just fell away.

But I want to continue to share my adventure and explore the bonus life concept and my own experiences as I take my next steps in my career and life. And see if I can stick to the routine!

Back to Europe! It will be fun to “go back” and relive those glorious days.