Days ten and eleven: Even on sabbatical, errands and rainy days. Thinking I’m a local…

Nothing like a typical day at home, but time to do laundry, get gas, banking, post office, write thank you letters, catch up on travel journal, etc.  Also able to squeeze in a lovely walk along Dingle Bay between the rain. Rainy days for errands and getting things done and nights full of music.

One night, I went to another recommended pub for music. Pub begins to fill up with Americans and I get suspicious. Same guitarist from hardware store (Matt Griffin) walks in as one of the musicians. Am I with the tourist group again? Some look familiar and then…there is one of the tour leaders I’ve met! Oh Jaysus. Finish my pint and be gone. Why? Because I’m not a tourist??? In my mind…

Next pub had amazing music too. When there are four players, and a great singer, it is quite impressive (this time a violinist, a guitarist, an accordion and a woman who sang beautifully and played the pipe).

Overheard: “Bad luck.  Tommy’s back in the drink.”

Another night in a pub with crosses throughout the room. One man on a cello (!) and the other who sang, played guitar, accordion, you name it. Oh, to have such talent!!img_4159