What is a bonus life?

We are the first generation in history and on the planet today to have an extra 20-30 years of a healthy productive life, a period I call the Bonus Life.   My initiative is dedicated to helping people create a vision for their bonus life and to empower them with education, community and resources to bring this vision into the world.

I believe it is important for this generation to fully embrace the opportunities that this bonus life affords us.  To look at this extra time as an opportunity to create something new in the world.  To take ownership of this time to make a difference, use our gifts, and use the wisdom and experience that have been acquired during our “first” adulthood.  Freed, to some extent, from the societal and biological expectations that we faced in our 20’s and 30’s, we can take a fresh perspective on this time and finally ask “What do I want?” Not selfishly, but authentically.

To the extent that this generation can approach this unique time with intention, meaning and energy, future generations can change the trajectory of their entire careers, knowing that, from this generation’s example, a meaningful bonus life is real and inspirational.


The focus for creating a rich bonus life is self knowledge, purpose, meaning and values.