Day thirty: All the signs along the way

Tomorrow is my last day on the Camino. Since I mentioned the crowds on day twenty-seven, there really haven’t been too many crowds since. I have spent a good amount of time in the last three days, and especially today, virtually alone many times. However, tomorrow I expect another busy day as I approach the final destination of the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. And with the crowds, you really don’t need all the way markers along the path to guide you. But over the past 12 days, those signs have been comforting, essential and not always there when you need ’em! The official and unofficial pointers have been my compass and I have enjoyed not needing a map, which I am not always the best at following.

I have taken some pictures of what I have seen over the last two weeks. The last picture may be hard to see but it made me laugh. At the top is a sign of a pilgrim walking, with a phone number for a taxi service below it! I can’t say the thought hasn’t traveled through my mind, but other than the “cheating” I did on my second day (when my hotel was further along the way and I was driven there), I have walked the entire time. No blisters, no injuries, no sunburn even. Unscarred. Amazing!! Oops, I still have a day left to walk. Hope my luck holds out!



5 thoughts on “Day thirty: All the signs along the way

  1. Lari says:

    Awesome pictures – I love all the different signs/markers!! I’m SO happy for you and wish you an awesome last day. What an incredible accomplishment. I am so proud of you!! Nicely done!! Enjoy………….xoxox

    • Bonuslives says:

      Thank you dear! I so appreciate all the cheers from you. And the walks at Torch made all the difference I’m sure 🙂

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