Day twenty-nine: The end is near

Only two days left after today on the Camino. So thrilled to have made it this far and hoping that I will arrive in Santiago de Compostela in one piece. So far so good!

The Camino has over the years been a spiritual journey for many who embark on it. I have stopped frequently along the way and have asked “What would you have me know?” And I have received answers! Now, you can believe whatever suits you in terms of where the answers come from, but they have come easily to me and have felt very real and powerful. One day was a sense of complete peace. Another of love. Another of gratitude.

Today’s message was a difficult one. It warned that I am mortal and that my time here may be quite limited. Facing mortality is something we all must do, and today I did in a way I hadn’t before. It was not a fun walk, nor was it something I should be immune to facing. But it was a powerful day and one that I won’t soon forget.

It is wonderful to plan, expect to experience and actually live our bonus lives. But we also must plan and expect and live as if life could be taken from us at any moment.





6 thoughts on “Day twenty-nine: The end is near

  1. Amy says:

    Did something scary happen? I’m glad you’re well. I must say, your photographs are getting better and better. You’re learning a new skill. 🙂 I continue to be so proud of you, my friend!

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