Day eight: Salthill and Dingle

Am I losing my mind? I set off an alarm at the B&B this morning. I had started the shower and, I thought, just left the water going for a few seconds to heat up. When I went to get in, the water was super hot so I lowered the temperature and had my shower. After breakfast my host told me I set off the alarm due to the steam and heat coming from my bath. In addition to being mortified and sorry for the trouble I caused to my host and fellow guests, I had a real senior moment. Did I leave the water running longer than I thought? I MUST have to have set off an alarm!! Is this a warning sign???

Slunk out of B&B and took a wonderful walk along Galway’s Salthill Promenade. It is a holiday area for the Irish — family had recommended it. Walking along the coast and thoroughly enjoying the sights — both natural and people watching. Need to train for that Camino coming up! Remembered a book my parents had in our house growing up. It was an autobiography of a great old Irish actor named Pat O’Brien (famous for playing Knute Rockne alongside Ronald Reagan’s Gipper, but also a great character actor in many old films I love). The name of the book was “The Wind at my Back”. That is how I felt both literally and figuratively on that walk. So far, my life has been so blessed. The wind at my back. On this trip so far too…

Drove down to my “home” for the next five days — Dingle town on the Dingle Peninsula. An area that speaks Irish (Gaelic) and is just as beautiful as the more famous Ring of Kerry.

While driving I listen to the Irish station RTE 1. Great to hear talk shows discussing the Apple tax ruling, Gene Wilder, who just passed away, and his Irish connections (who knew?) and Pokemon Go hitting Ireland too… Fun way to drive — I can listen to those Irish accents (many different kinds across country) all day… And do! Lucky me!

My B&B host Mary showed me to a lovely room that I am thrilled to use for this extended time. Dinner walking down to town and then early to bed… I think the stress of driving hit me a bit…