Day twenty-six: Trying to savor the present

I realized today that my days walking the Camino are now fewer ahead of me than behind me. While I can’t say that I don’t want this to end (!) I can say that the days are passing far too swiftly. As they always seem to do at this time in my life. What seemed like a long time to be walking has now turned into more of a memory than an anticipation.

So today I resolved to be more present as I walked. I had a shorter distance to cover today, and the whole day in front of me without concern for too much heat in the afternoon, or a threat of rain. So I took my time. Stopped more often. Walked more slowly. Looked behind me more often to see what I left instead of focusing on what I still needed to accomplish. I found myself noticing the scents more today.  Of course, much of the scent in this farm country is of manure. But occasionally, as I was walking through a beautiful forested area, there were some tantalizing scents that I had never smelled before. I stopped and just breathed deeply and enjoyed the fragrance. I made a lot of eye contact with the huge local population of cows on my walk, was forced to be present as I navigated some rocky and muddy downhill sections, and was grateful for seeing a blue sky once again.

When I arrived in Sarria, I was given a restaurant recommendation for the local specialty, octopus. When I entered the restaurant, the first thing I encountered was a man pulling out huge legs (?) of octopus out of a boiling kettle and slicing them up. The restaurant consisted of a bunch of picnic tables and no menus. And all locals. A great sign. So I had the specialty. Just boiled, sliced, with a sprinkling of salt, olive oil and paprika. With a few glasses of Vino Tinto (the house red, given to you as a bottle that I think you can take as much out of as you want!!) and a slice of crusty bread. It may not be for everyone, but I loved it! I wandered the streets and really noticed how quiet this busy city is during siesta time. Another time to pause and be present…












6 thoughts on “Day twenty-six: Trying to savor the present

  1. Sally says:

    I just caught up with your blog and adventure on the Camino. It sounds like a marvelous experience. Kudos to you!
    Sally Kelly

  2. Jean Buchband says:

    Oh how I wish I could have walked and enjoyed the octopus with you, Kate! Yummy! Miss you much but so glad you’re savoring your trip in detail and loving sharing your thoughts and images. Continued smooth travels, XXOO Jean

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