Day twelve: Spirituality and, yes, a night full of music (spiritual too…)

I didn’t plan to have a spiritual day, but it came to me and it was lovely.

First, I followed my instincts (don’t do that enough!!) and went into a convent garden next to the Catholic church in town. Came upon a labyrinth, something I love to walk anywhere I go. As I was walking the labyrinth, it really hit me that I, an American in 2016 with ties going back to Ireland on both sides, was here, in Ireland, walking on land of my ancestors on a labyrinth created who knows when by these nuns in Dingle. Sometimes, the enormity of the blessings of travel can just hit you. How amazing to be there, so far from home, and yet tied to those long ago ancestors….

Later, I went on another walk along Inch Beach, and on my way back saw that there was a castle tied to the Camino! Almost got myself lost getting to the castle and getting back to Dingle, but it was worth it. Above the ancient door of this castle that was decimated by Cornwall, was a shell, the symbol of the Camino. It seems that pilgrims would travel from there across the ocean to Spain to walk the Camino. And here was I about to do the same in a week’s time, albeit by flight not sails. Another special moment of connection….

And of course, in the evening, my last chance to enjoy Dingle’s music. This time I didn’t go to a pub but to a music school in Dingle that holds concerts.

I spoke to the owner of the store, Michael, earlier in the day. He is on his bonus life. Retired from teaching and spent a year “retired” — which drove him crazy. So he tried a bunch of things — taking courses on computers and working in that field, working as a sales person, and as a fisherman. Finally decided to be his own boss and opened the music store in Dingle. Moved and expanded into the current location, and added these concerts — starting small with just 8 or so people showing up and now there were over 40 people there the night I attended — capacity in his small shop. Sometimes, to find out what you want you need to try on a lot of hats…

The revelation of the experience of the concert in the store was the addition of the piano to the Irish music I have been hearing over the past weeks. Not too many pianos in pubs, so the opportunity to hear the richness that the piano adds to the music was marvelous. Great banter from a “dub” (what they call Dubliners) who joined on the guitar. I even got a personal serenade of “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen” by a wonderful tenor who once sang with The Chieftains!! A terrific end to my evenings of music in Dingle. (well, I did stop in a pub too!!!)


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